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Source Magazine

Source Magazine have selected a number of students from the Falmouth Flexible MA course for their showcase feature “Graduate Photography Online 2019. Source Magazine's showcase for emerging photographic talent from photography courses across the UK and Ireland”.

Alongside the fabulous work by the likes of Teresa Williams, Daniel Simon, Sarah Newton and others is a little highlight from my Wine Doors series

Exhibition at the Wine Place, London

Very excited to be showing more of the Wine Doors of Florence project in two locations in London - the Wine Place wine bars in Covent Garden and Kensington. This is a collaborative display with Robbin Gheesling, a researcher into the provenance and history of these little historical remnants.

Set up for this long running display was yesterday… the white painted brick walls are the Covent Garden branch.

Exhibition Anchor/Showcase Images

Since the exhibition I have received a couple of queries regarding the two large prints displayed on the lectern and the kneeler. The square print, with is superbly detailed textures, was taken on Borgo Degli Albizi. It is available only in a limited edition run of 5 prints, one of which has been sold.

The atmospheric, sunbeam image, I have to admit to being a bit vague about its location. It is a highly regarding image but again only available in a limited edition run of 5 prints. Both available for £150 mounted but unframed. Please contact direct.

Folio Presentation Box

Limited to just 24 numbered boxes the Folio Presentation box is a bargain at just £100. For this you receive 24 prints (A4 size) plus a set of cards showing the location of each door, a little statement about the wine doors and, linking these historical remnants to the modern age, GPS coordinates.

Available to order direct

Wine Doors of Florence Exhibition Images

Many thanks to those you visited my little pop-up exhibition in St. Peter’s Church, Wallingford.

For those who didn’t make it to the exhibition the images that were displayed are shown here. Plus those that were available as a free postcard. Prints are available to order from PicFair.

The Wine Doors of Florence

The final edit of the photos is done. Those destined for the limited edition folio presentation box have also been finalised, mapped and recorded on the accompanying info sheets.

Work on the Easter Weekend exhibition is now underway with display issues to be resolved as the venue, an historic church, is protected building and cant be damaged in any form. Details on the Wine Doors of Florence page.