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Wine Doors of Florence

Wine Doors of Florence

This collection of images are but a glimpse of vanishing historical remnants, scattered across the streets and alleys of Florence, one of my most favourite of Italian cities. .

A haunting collection of photographic, atmospheric, full colour prints, that brings distant remnants of life in Florence to the present day. The collection demonstrates the nostalgia of distant memories and the evolution of contemporary Florence; a view away from the mainstream, away from the touristic view of the city, that the artist, Andrew Barrow ARPS, gained while wandering the streets and back alleys of one of Italy’s most interesting and picturesque cities.

The result is a view of the undiscovered, of the ignored and the vanished amongst the temptations of a modern, historical, tourist dominated, beautiful city centre.

The Wine Doors are serving hatches that allowed producers to sell wine to the inhabitants of Florence direct from their cellars. They date from the Medici period and were in use right up to the early years of the last century.

There are 167 documented remnants of these doors inside the city walls, where the passage of time has repurposed them as restaurant menu shelves, as door intercoms or letter boxes, as an evolving canvas for creative graffiti or simply ignored in the face of air-conditioner ducts and gas meter cupboards.

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Wine Doors of Florence Photography Exhibition

Wine Doors of Florence Photography Exhibition

An exhibition displaying a selection of images of the Wine Doors is scheduled to take place at St. Peters Church, Wallingford, Oxfordshire over Easter Saturday 20th April (3-9pm) and Sunday 21st April (12:30-4:30pm) 2019.

Entrance is free but a contribution to The Churches Conservation Trust would be appreciated. A percentage of any print sales will also be donated to the trust.