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Architecture Abstracts

I’ve long wanted to produce an abstract series looking at modern, brutalist architecture. Time and subject always being the enemy. But this week I ‘discovered’ a suitable subject right under my nose as it were - a road bridge over the Thames, just a few minutes walk from my house, I’ve walked under and over it numerous times without giving it any attention; I assume the natural landscape surrounding offered more visual interest than this ugly construction.

Surreal Additions to the Pond Project

These additions to the Pond Project have, despite appearances, received little modification after taking. The effect is all down to a modified lens - one of it glass elements is flipped around - its a cheap 50mm Zenitar. 

The modifications make it rather impossible to gain accurate focusing; especially following the loss of my tripod to the waters of the Thames last week. I rather like the effect, having used it on a selection of Instagram shots (1, 2, 3), and was keen to experiment with it out in the field.