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Landings 2018 Exhibition

Have just returned from installing the two strips of images in the Red Box Gallery, Brightwell. The box was bathed in some rather glorious late evening light, that created some playful and intriguing images on the acetate overlays over the cyanotypes. 


Red Box Gallery

Happy to announce that my first physical exhibition has secured a week long slot in the Brightwell Red Box Gallery

As galleries go it is rather quirky, alternative and novel. Its a converted red phone box in the middle of a sleepy village in South Oxfordshire. But one can only wonder at the number of visitors...

Still, for the Landings 2018 week (17th - 24th August 2018) I have a 'space' to fill. My other idea, of sending images off to friends scattered across the world, I think I will abandon, Although I still think it a good idea, time and cost constraints mean I will be pressed to bring the plan to fruition. The Red Box Gallery is a good alternative. 

The intention is to display a small selection of cyanotype prints with a graphical acetate overlay. These images are displayed on the Landings 2018 gallery page. 

Images of the Red Box Gallery below taken form the Brightwell-cum-Sotwell community website.